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We have made every effort to ensure that this website is as accessibile as possible.

We have integrated a full Text Only section into the portal as well as combining features such as Access Keys and will have Browsealoud available soon.

The main website links each have accesskeys for keyboard navigation. The table below lists the accesskeys.

Access Keys
Access Key Site Link
0 Accessability
1 Home
2 Text Only / Full Graphics
3 Contact
4 Change Display Settings (Text Only)
5 Terms and Conditions
6 Directory List

Windows users can navigate with the accesskey feature by typing ALT+Accesskey. On the Mac, you would use CTRL+Accesskey (not COMMAND+Accesskey, which can produce undesired effects). Internet Explorer users may also need to hit the "enter" key to activate a link.

  This site will be Browsealoud-enabled very soon.
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