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What do Groups Get?

To qualify for a MyGroupNI portal site your organization must be a non profit making, voluntary/community organization with subgroups attached to it.  When you register for MyGroupNI you will be contacted by a MyGroupNI consultant who will then determine if you qualify for the initiative.  Providing you meet the necessary criteria the next step will be to build your new website, which will in turn act as a portal for the subgroups.  The functionality of each website will provide the opportunity for the organization to showcase news articles, media clips, photographs and general information all of which can be uploaded quickly and effectively.  The MyGroupNI web development team will build and design the site and help upload any initial information  to the website.

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Click on the image above to view CNI's Portal

Click on the image above to view Country Markets Portal

Each organization that signs up to MyGroupNI must agree to have a ‘Directory’ within their site, this directory will be the main channel to the subgroups ‘mini website.’ When in the directory you can search for certain groups by variable types or by keying the name of the group into the search box.  When you have located the group you are looking for click on the name and it will bring you through to their ‘minisite.’

Click the image above to view a working Directory  

Click on the image above to view a Minisite  

Each of these minisites offer subgroups the opportunity to start off with a website, that is free of charge, is extremely easy to use, that requires no tricky web development to set them up (all of them are set up immediately when keyed into the directory by the portal administrator) and allows the utmost flexibility for information to be updated regularly.

Both the organizations and subgroups, if they choose to, can purchase their own domain name, so not only will the public be able to find their site through the MyGroupNI category search but will also be able to go directly through to their site via www.


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   When registered, all minisites will receive their own unique MyGroup Quick Reference No. that will 
 a subgroup to go straight to their minisite from the MyGroupNI homepage.

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